There is a mystery in them-there absolute meandering of masterpieces- a scintilLATEd sense that its ALL-OF-IT been… this late AND, thereFORE, belated LATE-NIGHT ENDEAVOUR:

As an avid Artist stARTS to both aBiDe by and e-a-g-e-r-l-y engAGE with…

the inesCAPABLE, instantly insisting AND insatiable weight

Of their favourite-best rules, actually; and to wIlDlY RightNOW(!) RECKON UPON rudely interrupting them… … There(…)

MIGHT just become one of your BIGGEST knowing flaws on heavenly eARTh; paused… and t-e-n-d-i-n-g to take YET ANOTHER yet-again-breath, we will sit and silently-both-G-L-A-D-L-Y goad ourselves into valiantly interrUPtInG —-

Our VERY own selfAWARE STATE: of rip-roaring awareness, actually(!!)

As it carries with it… this iNsAtiaBlY hEaViNg nEeD AND outRIGHT INSISTing AbIlItY ——-

ALL of its purPOSEful own, actuALLy. Matter of fair-faced fACT.

None of this IS AN ACT.