There’s the bond between break.. and even. It’s a thing of suddenly portrayed persistencies. And they are asking us not to RidiculeThem AnyMore, than they DO we..

Have anticipated damn NEAR everything Again, becaUSe this is PRECISELY what an obsessed AND CONTRARILY ComPulsive PerSoN will do—

AgainstTheirEVERYwill:: As they avoid ALL events-and-elements of jarring-and-HardHITTING risk; they do speak, though, in the softest of sweet ol’ tone-of-tongue..

Amidst.. detrimental everything(?) That’s how is has been, for an angling To-Be Perfectly (I’m)Balanced Person:: of MorningTime AND evening-NIGHT delusions. NONE of them theirs, albeit it’s stILL this trippy-As-FUcK thing which shall

Take them down// bet on it for the sake of Survival// graves that just haven’t been filled yet, Heroes felled – since the age of 11