To be honest, you are attempting to create something new and beautifully unique, but also utterly able to speak for itself when read aloud and off of the page. That sense of scintillated quietude, if that even manages to make sense. Something that can give a reader the time for themselves to truly feel a part of a poem – at one with its characters, its overall plot, its overall attempt at trying to quieten any noise the reader may be feeling in their life. It’s a go-to, a grounding place, a pulsating website wherein people can, if they wish to do so, feel the words work for both themselves and for others. It’s exclusive to nobody yet, also… a rather personal thing indeed. That was done and achieved on purpose – an amalgamation of mixed-up emotions that have undeniably come from a mind that is oft-times, and perhaps a lot like theirs, sometimes, unfairly overcome with stifling levels of rumination and cutthroat contemplation. It’s an orchestration of words, in my own opinion. There can be no other way of describing it, really. A surging together of whip-smart emotions, I hope, that have been founded in style owing to quite a few years of painstakingly ruling out the normal path trodden when it comes to story-lines and the way that words, lines and sentences wish to submerge and intermingle into one. Sure it’s been fun. But it’s also been dipped in an inexplicable kind of acidic awareness for me. The level of detail it lends to you when it comes to noticing the tiniest nuances in your day-to-day observations is ludicrous really. Like a magnifying glass placed over the veil of the world while you go. Christ, that sounds so bloody nauseating.