Theirs is this slice of life that never even appeared to be an existing thing, it just didn’t actually get to reasonably reckon itself in again; that’s called crushing levels of pInG-pOnG pain and other —

Derogatory elements of hardcore disposal of a MOST(!) uniquely driven and whipsmart social individual, who seeks to seem to feel

Relatively normal as well as: defiantly This Livid, SeEtHinG master-crafter of disinterested interest (again). She doesn’t even MEAN to think of those who came and SPENT A PRETTY PENNY BEFORE her; doesn’t even wish

To ignore these pedestrianised and eagle-eyed NO-MORE people who have been turned -WHOFUCKINGKNOWS(!!?) anymore relatively delirious.

It is NONE of her ((disinterested)) business whatever(TheHell) has happened to them —

But For Her: To Pen It To The Point Of – Unbeknownst proprietorship, actually..

Amidst these… sTifLingLy expressive levels of often-times (when rhyme sits eerily still) animalistic beWILDER(.)