No rhyme, no real reason right about now
Fixated upon all of these seriously wrong things – to have and to dangerously hold against her every alcoholic will
Peel yourself away, please, little lady of ours
This talent of yours is unimaginably, fair outrageously distilled rather rapturously within
May have sinned for your particular supper yet, seems to be, seems to me, you’re very nearly away on a surefire whim
Alabaster-faced, pixie-like disgrace to only ever those who knew you the least
A musically inclinated feast for any eagle eye that shall indeed soar to have her
The floundering incomer who soon became this sought after newcomer of adorable sorts
These people will scroll their mundane lives away to simply be a small, albeit no less sensational part of your oh so suddenly gargantuan existence – hit P(l)ay and listen
The compellingly contemporary one