So yeah. It’s something about the creation process by other people that seems to set me off. While I cannot quite put my finger on what it might be exactly, what I do think is that I have somehow instilled within myself the inane belief that I carry the outlandishly rare ability, somewhere deep down, to miraculously create the impossible: the impossible in my particular case and medium being to make a) even the least interested reader read, and b) to make the reader comfortably think and visualise a piece that I have written, while also falling in love with the story and style, just as I appear to have done. However, simply seeing a splurge of black or blue ink on the page, or computer font on a white screen is, for me… undeniably frustrating. Why so? Well, as I have often times attempted to explain to people who usually become bewildered by the whole description, I have absolutely no visual. What that means is that a) I am flummoxed whenever a friend might say that they see a loved-ones face as clear as day inside their mind, and b) it is rather impossible for me to ever really enjoy a book, even a supposedly phenomenal book. In fact, all I see are repeated words and phrases used by the author and injected with a storyline. Hence my need to shake it up to the absolute max. Does this crucify me? Nope, not quite. It’s a heavy workload to take on board but I am most certainly up for the task, whether I might always like it or not.