Theirs was this stateless sense of inopportune DelIriuM which could NOT BUT— have its own set

Of Bygone Rules: with deregulated and amazingly AmbiValent People, inDEED. To stay and witness it all was to STAY AND HAVE HAD—

Our warbling-of-Say; this longed-for stay of u-t-t-e-r execution, actually(.) They DO appear to have

Hahahahaha-wanted a way-out, inDEED, and for a VERY l——o—-n—-g AND LINGERING length-of-time— that tantalised tonne-of-imagination which w-i-l-l stILL weigh ITSELF
N is..

Past the point of tenSeLyBOTHtentatively Speaking:: inWordsOfUtter blissAnD AgoNy::: we have ACTually

Stopped ourselves from ceasing someone else’s sense of everyTHING, have EVEN had the hindsight-of-MinD to

Talk WITH our minds wide-CLOSED (again). Even if she WILL ably anticipate damn-near anything which sets her ART-strings a-flutter. She’s been…

“Hahahahaha-happy!” and for a very-long and arguable time; truth be whispered, she’s secretively-both-SiLentLy.. worshipped everyTHING