I damn well did it again, wrote a poem for my sister which overused another one of those words I seem to use too much, way too keen, but I meant it this time, wasn’t the word ‘sublime, rather ‘running the core’
But the fact of the matter is this, when it comes to my younger sister it does… run the core
And besides, people don’t seem to mind too much, don’t think that I’m using these phrases for a literary crutch
Yes indeed, with my business cards in hand, please God you all come back for more
Off to a barbecue now, where I may just attempt to burn the candle, hangout clothes and a pair of overused sandals at the ready
Hate the damn things but I’m happy to eat some grub, perhaps even as much as sing
Who knows… ahem, another overused phrase coming up… on I go… with the flow…
A crux of sorts, I honestly dunno
At least I haven’t used ‘sublime’ this time, or maybe I have but Locky won’t mind too much
‘Cos I’m only explaining myself
Know there are a million or more words out there but I’m afraid they don’t all God damn rhyme with words like ‘despair’ so I can’t afford to care
On I go, catch you on the flip-side
When it comes to my writing, in the end it is you, the reader, who will get to decide