The best kind – seriously otherworldly suggestive, pressed favouritely against

What he has had to simply do begs to belief and that shall be his single most unawares to thee phenomenon – when the whole damn road is spiked to a point of utter catastrophe and against, yet again, every piece of his radiantly natural will

Like placing an upside down clown with a painted – pained – upon frown within the conversed feet of a couldn’t give a care man

Yet still, aligning his targeted mind one step at an easygoing time

This is fine, simply has to be – free, and so you do know, the literary fee is about to be…
Already has been 😉

Ironically, monetary inadequacy either way forth where the true spike in the mowed lawn lies

Everything brings beautifully curtailed delight soon as bygones take motherf…… fanciful flight

It is ALL shit-hot paralysis by irrational analysis and he sees its overwhelming ridiculousness for its drained dry ‘worth’ with each and every travailed day

His mind is where the cracks get in, where a light begs to be

Interrupted by ALL OF NOTHING
Doing everything
Your normalcy his living, breathing deep, about to breach the surface greatest dream – he works harder than you ever will, even in his sleep
To crease these demons

Take it easy on him, please…
For his most relaxed state would take you apart at the crumpled, bedraggled, shock-absorbed knees

Resilience aside silver-lining genius, all of these words borne from utter frustration
Perfectly explanatory amidst genial story

Rest assured, the scribbles will stop soon as he starts …

to breathe for real