tHE UNANNOUNCED Art of isolation And Permitted dis-OBEDIENCE

two ((entirely)) DIFFERING instances of isolated atmosphere, of individual hierarchy and placed ABRUPTly alongside..

These OUTLANDISHLY inebriated people of hellish circumSTANCE!

those SAME sane one’s Who dared to CONCENTRICALLY reimburse in their deepest, darkest, DEADliest secrets; And all for the unashamed sake of What ((EXACTly))?

But for the d-IRE shape of an EQUALly pretty PENny, perhaps?!

Set in the shadow-casting shape of their greatest ever unearthed inner thOUGHTS this time..

Sacrilege and suit=Ably SUBlime ((THIS afore-MENTION=ed and unANNOUNCED time!))

when black beCOMES Bold
Becomes Goliath’s g=OLD. Oh, and how they’ve been ferociously searching… til put upon instantaneous re=PEAT again

And devil-digging overhead: these grounds fashioned from dirt-and=desire