If they took the time to will it all away then we may have to utter the most embarrassing words at them anyway. We’ve been stifled at the time of dawn and wiped our eyes wide open anyhow. We’ve even

Pilfered to the point of purest portrayal and even with This Other Portal Happening Inside of Our Mind. It’s comical actually… from a peripheral person’s perspective, and even more so than ever before

The greatest level of idiotic idiosyncrasies been happening. She’s trying for another world with other workings of words and she’s even trying to

Unrefine an *** mind. They’ve quarrelled neatly amongst themselves again and made mere eager mistakes so as to eventually make… “us all feel jovially brand new and added to the addled addition of AbsoluteSuperHeroes Who Do Dream Of Being zEroES, plEASE.”

When there’s this thing inside all of us that has its own way with barbarically awry enthusiasm actually. This… secondary AND tertiary thing which still soothes reverberating heartstrings.

We won’t sing because we have to: we will sing because we needed to === “feel the face of forbidden enthusiasm and holding its VERY OWN HAND… … it does a Dostoyevskian dance.