Too many stories to wind on down
One at a precarious time… my friend
So much as envelope inside of a most precious ball
Set alight, get to watch that awe-inspiring cocoction all of its own accord blaze through the sky
At a million miles per hour, not to mention a million-and-one homes opening themselves right on up to being all-inspired
Seems there ain’t no quenching this particular fire – thirst an absolute must in this instance
Snide remarks now and then but when was that never to be the case
Face your every godforsaken demon, prepare yourself all over again, to hold its burning insides oh so tight
Frighten it right back into place
Bear with me ‘cos reality and fiction may never, ever get to feel oh so grandiose
Just don’t be at all afraid to cause absolutely everything to meet completely in the middle
Here’s hoping that you do, in fact, make the correct decision