A mesmerising pain we never get to speak of ever again
Just for now…
But how DO you keep your mind closed!?
Remain oh so nauseatingly distracted, dispose entirely of the ticking time-bomb up inside of your head
I really do wish that we could take all of it back
To one such time minus a particularly keen bullet atop a most unnatural fire
Dire straits – fate lending a most unfriendly hand
But, seemingly so, both he and she did, in fact, ask for this
Dutifully remiss, an entirely wrong turn taken, utterly dissed sentences aligning their two-faces time again
And, then, the pen gets to fall oh so far
Aforementioned first bullet right through a waywardly beating heart
Those ogres, next they manage to stretch so far as to strike a subtle match, light a most unkind fire
But how did this start!!?
I mean, when were they never!?
Burn right through the belly, ironically quenching
And, then, it ALL starts…
Two bodies burning, disintegrating right here where I now stand in front of eager eyes
Too many smiles to account for mid blasphemous demise
No disguising a monstrosity, utter peculiarity
Before it all comes crumbling down, from a safe and telling distance the one who will always truly tend to matter reloads, before taking apt aim and causing the better half of this pair – her head – to wane unequivocally
A harrowing explosion all of its own accord
And now, my protection… not a word!