Perhaps it is— a pretty little picture of a plaster cast and distorted disaster, of a way for them to speak and say: “something otherworldly REinvigorated AND epically worth… its awaiting nature(.)”

We were.. making-it-all-UP as we went back-in-time – hindsight fantastic and good at being… acrimoniously prestigious, actually. There

Is a time and a shape of plACE wherein —-Nothing else really wishes to make ALL kinds of heavenly sEnSe(!!) and they just have to enthUSe themselves JUST=1 more nurturing of TiMe..

“She’s been a timid-faced little individual of duelling concerns, with these concert-a orchestrations happening again and aGAIN(… !!!)

Inside of her Affably addled mind.” … how it gives-AND-takes in none-too-equal meaSUREment isn’t EVEN a brand+new=thing anymore.

When heart=strings roar and play their own multi~AdJuStaBle chords as though // all of the shuddering words reVERBerated and at

Gin&Tonic pACE. “Watch them watch US: taste
The state of otherworldly AwareNess.” And inside of a glass = of preCONcocted happiness