These expansive thoughts that bounce about their somewhat panic-stricken minds sometimes. Often over-bearing albeit equally well braved . An outright wholehearted attempt at something else – something how’s about downright outright utterly advantageous.

An enviable piece of jet-black and artistically enhanced endeavour, perhaps
That can forcibly hold forth people’s might of creative sight and unmatched vision and for such a very, very long time – tumultuous as well as simultaneously strengthened and by the conscientious interplay of foretold internal disclosure . Now !

How’s about an uproarious and deliriously suggestive masterpiece… determinedly both intricately prepared and, presumably, it will passionately attempt to continually consider, act and to obey.. is to play …

At its own bespoke game – of show and tell me, “Eagerly, pl-EASE !”

These people have been screaming for a sense of unashamed and quick-thinking equilibrium … .. midst the argumentative games that these artists’ play ..