Everyone should relate to this, what we use our weekend for, going on the complete and utter piss
A hard thing not to do, end up rat-arsed, words coming out in a slew
Even those who don’t try end up fried, do something else far more stupid owing to their remiss
Fair enough when all that we do during the week is work our socks off, take the smooth with the rough
But beer on the weekend for the uncreative mind must be like the most beautiful thing in the world
Whereas those a little more creative find themselves worrying about the following morning, the fear, however God damn absurd
One will make sense to the other, the other to one
But no-one will get it just right
The very reason everyone ends up the day after a drinking session having to deal with a fair deal of fright
One rational, the other not so much, their overactive brain limping around on an unasked for crutch
So drink on my friends, see what happens, and if you feel that pinch, be you the creative kind or otherwise
Don’t give it an inch or it’ll lead to your inevitable anyway demise