Theirs is the stay-at-home masterpiece that NEEDS to be permitted UPon these previously precarious people, who really should’ve done that a-long-time-ago, AGAIN.. actually. What’s been is done and gone before AND the door HAD TO HAVE BEEN opened wide-tightly to a bright AND brand new echelon

Of learning how(?) to Survive with your Artistic Intelligence intACT. This is NOT the last Act but rather— a finely crafted far older OTHER version — of a legendary interrogationAndInterpretationOf —->

WHAT IT ACTUALLY TAKES= to turn their meandering of pErSonAliTiEs OfF — softly, plEASE.
And, gOoDGoD, go easy(!!) Because, Rumour Has It, WE’VE Been insulting their AforeMentioned inTELLigence without even MEANing it… to survive

In Our OwnRight…