Might there ever come a time when no man even begins to notice a black hand intertwine with white, when we no longer need to rely on the blast of a bomb to shake things up, cause a most unfixable, vomit-inducing fright
Is it safe to dream such a thing, it really takes just one change of mind, that the domino effect
It’s people like that, people with the absolute right kind of foresight who deserve our utmost respect, so please follow suit
A world where everyone smiles, planets align, take us for miles – one cliche that means a lot – soaring high above, joking about infallible on cloud nine, a most serene and perfect time
Not a problem, family dinners minus one single sinner, deluded conversations bubbling over, your once drunken uncle from the wrong side of the tracks remains calm and sober, finally managing to shoulder all of those harrowing emotions
Commotion a thing of the past