See her and watch a way – with most astutely precise aside fiction-thrilled words.

Why must there forever be. A pressed cigarette though.
To stress the utter ability to match a handsome man for complete and honourably (disgusting) gusto – we simply adore her hard harsh cackle-call because it brings us right back to life. Again.

All over say when. Sitting distantly, his favourite pen paralyses her nylon eyes in a perfectly sedated manner, of which no one but she may ever get to match.

Hatch a masterful plan and give this – pretty little beesting sitting nestled opposed to he – her life all back

He tracked it wonderfully so, by the faithful rim of his ink-spill Bic pen.

And they arise to arrive, right by the other person’s frontal everything

The caressed lip life about to happen in between.