He will press his leather-bound foot against one side of her pretty little lying face
Whilst sucking the life right from what does appear to be a self-gratifying cigarette – this for him making it all the more heavily worthwhile
The double threat which he has always craved amidst the wholehearted intent, half-hearted bravery, cloaked and daggered, twice as frightful
A metre below – he’s the small man who unjustifiably can – and she attempts to stare into the darkened pit of these ravenous eyes, try as she outrageously might to vie for his absolute attention, the part that has a heart perhaps, any kind indeed
Pleading on hot-wheels, bleeding right out
The need to breathe all-consuming for now, course it fucking is…
Push to shove and her time dangerously teeters on nigh, when all of these crazily deceitful lies – terrifically diluted aside a mental mind at best – come back into ferocious play
He will slay the messenger, then for himself
The beautifully corrupt double-delve, bouncing together atop these soon-to-be forgotten graves