Have they really well and surely done all that they can actually achieve to have done, these permitted to be over reliant people – perishing and hungry AND also very damn-well happily reinvigorated —

With their state of merry-faced Upheaval! “Do we REALLY need to sit right here, or there, or were all of these juxtapoSING rules just a suitably nauseating thing indeed?

When-ever this beer s-t-i-r-s to steer their tired minds back
To life- they w-i-l-l wile it all away and dance AND dutiFULLY play…

… “PlY their VERY oWn SeNse oF cOmEdiC trait” —

Midst This merry-faced SAID sedation until… we get to H-E-A-R: “these gutter-laden people with their guitar-stings MERELY a split-second away…

From their deepest, DARKest… dEaThLieSt fears— “a sInGiNg n-e-e-d-l-e, per say.”

Pockmarked and about to abrUPtly(!) interrUPt upon Their VERY damn-nEARly (!) eVeRyThInG.