If there was an entrapment happening then it’s happening hella~happy and inconsequential actually — she’s tethered and torn and ship_to_shore /— roaring at the ‘ill fated’ state of seen_to_be irreparable. And we kinda like how it utterly unWinds. • Running with the Rain and Walking with the wInDiNg Wind$, she’s been /// an epilogue which no one else can tell us all about(!) That her utter Amount of endless Audacity really is: “worth it’s aforesaid Ill fated weight.” Erring on intelligible, where they ever really here, there, and somewhere else utterly worth..

Another right of passage perhaps? It’s… bubbling at the surface, her surefire MUST: to make AmenAmends even when the mind has destroyed its own happily lies. Why, though, isn’t she able to represent the 100percentVerSioN of her irreparableSelf(?) but probably_both_possibly beCAUSE, what she’s achieved will never, EVER be:: “anything other than..

An utterly overlooked master-peace… .” Of diagnosed bEwIlDer