When they think like a Monk and Shoot ***** Like Aphrodites Greatest Demise ~~~

And what if, though, we ended up adding up all of the catastrophic narratives INSIDE OF OUR SNIDELY-INSISTING-HEADS and NARRATED {everything else} ANYWAY: “to our decidedly lopsided minds DELIGHTS.”

To decide something utterly non-necessary actually. When they do the thuggish things which they do… but they DO not mean to —>>
ScreamAtThe TipOf TheirThuggish Tongues all-of-the-time, just one: woman who can:: “con them all into aChiNg(!!) for more of the same insane level(S) of upside_down, ahem, conman AND woman reMOTHER*******focUS.”

We are filled with fibreglass-enthusiasm and a level of unannouncedAtFirstSarcasm because / “what they do is
Lose their minds – “INDEED!” – amidst our conniving industriousness

An Absolute Modern “YAY!!” must(!) JUST how intricately AND artfully (UNJUST) they do —>>

Develop the StanleyBlade-Minds which can in fACT find::: “a billion necessAry-for-SOME-and OftTimes-everyone ways-to-say the EXACT-SANE-TH!NG.”