Is it that she had to need to feel.. intricate-d and real? Or was it simply that

her other mindsets have their VERY own way and GUARDED manner of —-)) gatheringTogether and distantly~~~dIsRuPtInG themselves dutiFULLY, “and damndownRIGHT Dostoyevskian?!”

Maybe, but who(?) cares what it takes for these howling~hours~of~ours to EXPAND and manhandle her forever sense of

– “RichlyTexturedJOY(!)” One iota ofBoy.. and ten whippersnapper girls – “as they start at getting cAugHt lividly bEtWeeN… … tHe CONcept of feeling coziness and REAL.”

These, ahem… DistantlyDelighted ToBeSeen: softly ol’ superheroes (!!) that CANnot but concern themselves again—->> TIMES THE tenfold (OFTEN!!) of TEN

Were they really acting as if:: their utMOST sure-faced duty WAS to bring melancholy with them—— whilst marvellouslySPEAKING

“with their minds T-I-E-D, their eyesEXPRESSIVELY alive(!!)”