They appear utterly ridiculous and utterly disgusting in equal measurement; they appear altogether rather dumbfounded with this layabout world- of theirs. These drunk and obviously disarming pEoPle of considerable angst meets with dollop ATOP dollop of aGoNy(!) with their personalities attempting to t-e-n-u-o-u-s-l-y burst at the seams, we seem fed up and utterly caused to comatose and CAUTION(!!) OURSELVES…

By their addled and selfish minded behaviour. But what if, and they NEED TO HEAR this absolute par outt: but her tired, tried and invested Eyes of the earth.. can probably manage at BANDAGING it all back together (again?)

This is NOT a wake-UP CALL but rather everything that she d-r-e-a-m-t of being. Bothered by n-o-t-h-i-n-g of ANY inCONsequential significance NOMORE…

Even that pARTicular double negative will mean next to considerABLY nothing to Her… commonpl(ace) SeNse of

Living with-IN each quotation MARK(!) as though, it REALLY were —
Her last STAND On eARTh: she smiles and whispers it so VERY well with herself and B-E-G-S: “Be Dead, Each Word of Ours.” For it has taken her f-a-r-too-FAR Inside the Imagination of a Billion different pEopLe
And she N-E-E-D-S TO ******* breathe within— her “Beauty of Brain”.

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