They’re asking people personally obvious questions; even damn near wondering out LOUD what THE fuck we’ve all been needlessly doing.. smiling in kind and twiddling our middle fingers UPON THE TIP OF THE TOP
Of a bottle of inviting whine. The ‘H’ matters simply because WE UTTERLY need to – drop our Rare Guard and chat and talk with ultimate and obliviously cutting(or vice-versa!) aplomb.

One word… multiplied TIMES A THOUSAND times a MAYBE(?!) million again: softly scandalising and sending themselves UP TO THE VERY BEST dEgrEe

Of homegrown AND CHARMING(jarring sometimes!!) entitlement and ALL other rhapsodicALLy aWaRe -Tings: watch her eyes.. watch her main-LINE OF MIND.
“Just… w-a-t-c-h her make it all alright.”

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