Our endless endeavours of sordidly upright sorts actually, our whimsical way with making a world feel “HOW’s About This??” Uncertainly aOk. It’s behind their AnGlE oF eYe for affable industry that we’ve been to see

The taking of Piedmont Persuasion, and if they really wanna ask us ten thousand more AIMLESS for themselves questions then we will stand back and answer it all with the… … … Slowest Whispers In The Whole Of Our Wide-Eyed World.

And if it is a blameless pursuit then suits us down to the floundering beneath us Ground. Rounds and rounds of egotistical RED-HOT(!!) whiskey and we’ve been — borrowing deafening sentences from these

Enlarged ImBecIlES. They don’t seem to mind how our minds work their way IN AGAIN, please, not even barely bothered at all with our EVENTual destination named: “AlL Of Us MoTher effinG EAGER-eagles –

Soaring higher in-fact than that might which LIES inside of our

Unquantifiable MinDs.” But maybe she’s tight to the monetary bone and looking after the hOmElESs helter_sKelTeR people ANYWAY, who shall remain…

ludicrously nameless, “plEASE.”