When we went and did everything with our mollycoddled misbehaving’s and understood the way she talks in Musical Endnotes anyway(??!) She saw quicksilver inside his back to front eyes and asked for: “utter understandings of an around the clock existence, please..”

They did not need to make any reference to anything else anymore even when their focus was the first thing in the whole world that carried its own back, actually.

This is the way… for her to… bring constant contemplation to that place of — preordained obedience. “Right then it probably meant EVERY NEXT THING. When right then they

Made mountains molehills and strolled common AS MUCK and comfortably inside of their own minds.” It’s been a helluva lotta prestige and drive TIL DRIVEN PRECISELY toward —

Shallow faced women, who do not even know how to COUNT THEMSELVES “in” again. Meanwhile, she’s all digitised smiles and acting: “alright?”