They’ve been dragging themselves through this thing with a whole wide heroised sense of instantaneous equilibrium. Even though.. all awhile, these smiles were automatically the wrong way… right(?!)

What’s the difference between a good and a gracioUS other person except to set the Standard / tall-n-all(!)

Typically they’ve really been n-e-e-d-i-n-g to take a born-in BreatherToday, with every other troublesome thought Set—->>>

To Seed(..) “and it’s been free.. the said aforementionedNeed: to reel it all off-/ softly and to the bare naked touch of an artist’s WideAliveHand.” Hecticity has no place nor kind regards here either, as she guards, ahem, himself from all of

These.. immeasurably upside down Lies, Created Courageously and allCourtesy

Of: “a petrified, putrefaction of mind.” A mind of hOsTiLisEdLies. Yet… amazingly, she doesn’t even seem to mind, but he will never ever stop trying