They stare at each other and bring their sprinting brains to a pace of… “purely permitted, actually.” She’s just like herself when she ventured in at the other side Of Everything ElSe.

When it’s difficult to damn-near ImpossIbLe for the mischievously upstanding people to proclaim to the sense of having

“Punched a hundred times inside of their blue-collar mind. She’s heaving and being held by her quiver-faced breath again. She’s been… simultaneously invited to the catastrophic theatricality again AND CALCULATING IT ALL (to’ve been living) inside of her shyness-of-mind when ends NEED ____ to ******* MEET… .”

Even if: We’ve achieved the FULL-ON effect of having been… crazy-minded Artists With our Minimum-to-Max minds In A Deafeningly EstrAngEd bind. And acting as derogatory as a Dostoyevskian quilt

——- knitted (gently back) together with his enemies favourite names tactfully ATTACHED