They’ve even watched their sins dissipate, vanish and ordinarily swipe at the skyline at night – as scribblers, they do tend to care to Identify their very own warbling of rAmBleSoMe word until…

this mind-FUELLED PULSATION… eases on UP
And, Then, they WILL poise their sentient pen(sentimental!) against the cloth of the curtly page; as all upset and angular advances of her creative mind, his tantamount time.. take ultimate PRECEDENCE again…

To dutifully.. ‘dent’ the reader’s brain/ bring it to that place of

“Dishevelled confrontation via ComfortInNumbers!” We WILL NOT refrain but, rather, RETRAIN to reframe ourselves inside of our wonderfully violated imaginations

By him: by his… DOSTOYEVSKIAN daNcE

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