The people who did feel themselves= thirsting andCoNtrAriLy Aware, as to their very own ——)really oughta sorta have been s-e-e-m-i-n-g acrimonious on (utter) purpose

And if we do say so ourVERYselves it had to have been a MOST THANKless and incandescent delve

Ahem… back. To. beLONGING. aGAIN(!) “to someONE AND, ahem… someHOW(???!) else

These regularRoses ARE red, and all other imaginative multi colours under the
SuN, actually(…)” FrightFULLY speaking we NOW know that the official moment (W-H-€-N to speak) was

Unaccustomed to its own state of WaYwaRdLy MeniaL bli$$, “this IS-NOT how the crumbling of that peculiarCookieShould have

Appointed itself— absolute and utterly destroyed at the Carelessly Uproarious core, of

Endlessly suppressed creation.” Were we Really All just asleep whilst we dreamed

Of much more manageable things(?)