What if she went and did the work for the tenth thousand man of many? “And what if she tickled pink and rivalled Well together All Of The riled KinDs of PunchDrUnK people?” She’s a world away from utter madness {IN fact AND FICTITIOUS delIriuM} and yet another whole wide one away from -/

Undeniable maniacal. We’ve taken the torpedo-like thoughts and taken ‘em to their place of previously prioritised BliSs behind “dying eyes actually.” And she’s faltering TO A STANDSTILL HALT.. for the sake of portraying it all to a whole other person’s pilfering soul.. .”

Why didn’t we, though: “do the truthfully dutiful thing WITH THE OUTER-INSIDES OF OUR OSTRACISED miNdS.. and fill our FULLest thoughts a thousand tonnes-of-times TOO-MANY inside of OcD minds anyway?”

But.. they did.. “DIDN’T They!!?” And like we wouldn’t {have needed to} believe