She spoke in a cutoff of upsetting syllable, of too much time and occasion put UPon her Hahahahaha-hands to NOT

CReaTe unputdownable Art(.) Her heART started… … everywhere actually; even if her mother-of-mind HAD to have been brutALLy hOsTiLiseD(and, with it… utterly hospitalised, too) oh my —-

By ALL of these Upside-down White Whipping of L-I-E. What it took, though(!?) It is probably utterly impossible to EVER explain where her mEaNdeR-of-bRaIn(inescapable yet unfathomably capable) had to have gone ((before her))

For all of TOO MANY decades to EVER get ((HerSenseOfSelf)) back(!!) for herself(!)
The disgusting and tWiStEd delve to someplace rhythmic and rare AND meaningfully rEaL. All angle of antagonised Avenue dutifully visited per interlocking of permitted rumination yet AGAIN,

and WITH IT came: the failure for her beautiful AND BYNOWbestial brain to feel

Anything other than utter purpose-in-pAiN: what it fucking well takes, though.. to get to THAT promising place…

IS beyond the perfectpaceOf Anyoneelse’s RosyRedImagination. Probably