To do this particular thing we did need.. to get our bearings back. Together- and when the sun shun atop of yet another discerning person..

This’ll be exactly the time: for all these people to adjust their telly-screen eyes again. We were writing in cyclical Circles yet once more.. and it felt both stillFEELS(!!) all a little

Hahahahaha for f*******, even when.. “it’s been impossible to decipher, and what of it IF IT WAS… a strangely addictive substance of substantial happiness.” No one needs to understand anybody’s anything anymore,

Don’t even have to have DISTINCTIVELY understood:: how on Earth we walked thru it ALL

->>> succumbing to something FARgreaterThanOurSelves, actually. A mental dIsOrDeR which had us SCREAMING – as if NOONES BUSINESS.. as the SWEETEST silence IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD lies inside of our

Pedestrian-time eyes. We are too tired to make it all have to count again for ourselves anymore
Perhaps far too lethargic, EVEN, to ever get to recall:: “just how brave IN THE PHASE OF UTTER ADVERSITY we’ve suggestively been.”

Silencing something to stir.. nothing all that waste-worthy anymore. The LOUDEST, wake-BELIEVE rOAr(!!!)