Sizing it up she thinks it may just dust itself off again and utterly become.. a thing of transient AND TRANSCENDENTAL aplomb; however, so very FAR from hOmE and she reALLy would like to return:

Herself to sender, “please.”
They’ve – these pure daycent honest people(!!) – opened their magnitude of mind to her sarCASTic sense of kindness AND DELECTABLE delivery: and oftentimes it’s been a little B-I-G bit like a beautifully (pre)fabricated thing?!

“A butterfly with Dostoyevskian wings, perhaps.” A concerned and creative lapse… …

It’s been fAb and it’s ALL-OF-IT been fantastic and it HAS to have iconoclastically been… …
Wishing itself so VERY damn-well, actually —

Down she goes with the FULLEST(!) of f-l-o-w for now, as the ink squirts, her concentrated eyes begin to hurt

From ALL of this immediate l-U-r-C-H-i-N-g – hard to stand incredibly still… when your mind has been acting aLl KinDs Of “Dostoyevskian, like.” And she absolutely does like… NO(!), loves it all to spray

“PlayfullyAgainst the WEIGHT of the sunSHINE-SMILE And delicately Nestled ((itself))Against her pretty little face!!

And at quick-fire pace. Yes. “She IS in-fact a dropped petal away from Paradise, actually.”