Promptly portrayed as absolute grade=A busybodies, “these people who really don’t fret for the sake of wasting their good old unfazed time, please.” We’ve

Dented all of the corners in all of the worlds into a nice and fine ball = “of backbeat opinion, actually.” These abstract car crashes that cannot react but to

Fold up inside of ourselves like an OVERqualified metallic accordion of

Crushed-person sorts. They’ve reeled the people in who needed themselves to exist the most, even when MERELY-both-Clearly existing became – “a pain in the mother eFFing A-HOLE(!)” She’s

Counting down the times inside her mind and relying whole-HEADEDLY on her first next BEST opinion which WILL WIND ITSELF UP on utter purPOSE. “She’s being a Deliberate Version of A fUcKeD Up Person and it feels

Exactly as it should’ve been… .” Behind an enemy’s (lying) eyes