When we concerned ourselves with the multiplied delve, delve… … … DELVE – “daMnIt Deeply Inside of our Monstrous Minds.” They’ve really made the world a much-MORE UNDERSTANDING hand

Of its own EXPLOSIVELY EXPLORATORY ACCORD! When their determination DOES NOT DETER itself from making friends via crossfire AmEnDs. “We have (even) manoeuvred ourselves around (again and again and) so VERY-MUCH so as to make — self-explanatory SenSe of Anybody else. This isn’t the end but for the UTTER MOTHER-EFFING WELL BEGinning, when we begin to beg

For utter forgiveness inside of a mind that did not even appear to steer itself toward minding “in the 1st plACE ImPropErLy AT-ALL, actually(!!)” when we cried because that part of them NEEDED. TO. D!E = error-strewn and comfortABLY CONcerned. With her state of utter worship. And, to think, that all she (ever) really needed to do was

To burp!” The brains {inside} of herself Back To Life —- mother-FUCK!NG MULT!PL!ED!!