So here’s the deal. There will be a book by me about my ocd and it will undeniably be one of the craziest and zaniest stories any Irish audience may have ever gotten to read. That story will write itself. Research done a thousand times over. And, of course, above all else for it to be my… bible. Hate that word, but the truth is in the triumph. I’ve toyed in the past too many times to mention with calling it… wait for it.. Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal(only Artiste extraordinaire @susannewawra will wholly understand: It’s actually the name of a boarding school in Germany)because, well, our particular connection to the book’s reasoning is rather storied in itself. Plus, I do love the idea of an absolute bonkers title for an ABSOLUTE bonkers tale. I’ve literally dreamt the book and its whole set up about a thousand times too. Some nights to the storied and precise extent where I have actually found myself sitting signing the book cover in a Waterstones while a large part of me thinks, “well, now everyone bloody knows.” The research I’ve had to go through for this particular tale wouldn’t even be worth it for selling a billion books… at €70 a pop. But, needs must… build a bonkers kind of ‘bible’. Genuinely though. €70 billion in my bottomless clown pockets, or no Ocd? I’d all too happily burn that particular house of cash to the ground and dance atop its wailing flame. Hell, that’d make for a nice little neat poem-peace all off its own bat. Annnnnd… I’m off!