It’s… as I’ve stated before and probably loads of times now, a battle with your very own brain and mind. A battle which, ultimately, can only ever have two outcomes of extremely different kinds for the sufferer: 1) You continue to utterly lose yourself to the imbalance of OCD in ending up spending the rest of your life trying to survive whilst still entertaining the ruminations with high hopes of finally figuring out the answer as to the uneasiness of mind that occurs as a result of said OCD, or 2) you live a perfectly calm and relatively balanced life – OCD isn’t curable as of yet, it seems – wherein you can do as you like, work the job, or jobs, that you might like to try and succeed in, scribble away to your heart’s content, etc. All in all, the second one will ultimately mean being mentally okay and on an even keel as anyone else wishes to be. Shit happens. That’s just life. But amazing shit happens, too, and that, my friends, is all part of the show 😊 xx