This man’s ego never ever let itself breathe – he knows full well who he is and will not quit either way
Says what his overactive, under-utilised, fair untalented mind attempts to imagine to sparingly see
GrAsPiNg at manically awry, bounce back upon his chiselled exterior face demeanour
To state his name would only ever so much as threaten to add to an outrageously over-exhuberant ego
This poisonous, supposedly ‘musically-inclinated’ flow narrows an otherwise once upon a crying and disorderly shame beautifully kind, kind being indeed
Meaning to tell him that if an unmatched downright dastardly nature will fail to quit outright, real creative people shall continue to cut him to the core of these weakened bones and in many more ways than the cumbersome one, We just fucking know it
And so should he, perhaps, before it all goes constantly daft and intricately ungetbackable, no less attainable for He
Please do us all a lukewarm favour and pull your misshapen head from your derriere and Breathe, my almost friend – you are simply sowing the absolute incorrect seed and we hate to see it
Begin to think
side that box, we all write with danger in ours eyes
My surprise was your deserved demise, and your cruxified demise opened my irritable eyes
And to think, you were the very one who interrupted to question my superfluous nature – BOOM back in your box, unfit hoax of almost ours
and Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword when used utmost accordingly to which
\\ and NO, you can never ever of a live strong day catch me, I stitch it far too fucking challengingly, all too fucking intricately back together
This is simply, honest-to-goodness Me, and that is pedestrianised, wrongfully prioritised you… and the difference is set in forever to be treasured at your displeasure folklore stone