Acting icily cold and openending their own sense of intelligence IS THE ONLY WAY FOR(WORD!), it seems.. they’ve been aching and acting credibly Pristine—

WHERE(!?!) they HAVE been, though, but NOBODY can know..

How a MeaNderInG mInd FinallyFindsTheTime: to actually UPend everything; next in LINE, quiet AND literally

He WILL.. usurp the none too worshipped truth. IS TO remain, this riotously characterisTIC-driven Individual of —-

Undivided attention. Indeed. Why SHE had to have forced herSELF to feel these things is

Beyond the point of view of any One Other Suitably Supportive Person. Persons, rather(…)

A lamb, the slaughter/ no-one’s locational mental wherewithal IMAGINABLE. FACT!!!

Where ever HAVE they actually been, Though, but for: chomping at the bit, these playfully prioritised PeOplE:: of ALL eyes, all M-I-N-D-S, and most certainly

attempting to e-a-r-n::: that terrifical tWiSt iN ThE TaLe(…) Snail-pace, please:::: and Let It Be

—- Deceptively eAsY.. Because, what came before? Utterly deplorABLE