They shovel the shit because they can and will – tie their kindred minds to this widening spatial sense of saturating Awareness; be EAGER, plEASE:

And continue to GO(!!) ON(!!!) along immediately NOW as You Wish: wisely and about to dutifully disguise your

Languishing Eyes; they’ve been benevolently speaking all of their own SWORN IN accord. Swords at DAWN and all other necessary mental utensils at the READY—->

Pitchforks ‘n’ all
We have BROUGHT with us our seriously sharp-as-a-tack wits to the SERENEST of tables, and our enemies do in=DEED appear as if these possible transformations of back to front, warring, SPARRING friends again…

Perhaps their run of the mill portrayal MAY JUST LEAD these mentally magnificent minds to another place

Of lightly LIT aforementioned benevolence AND BLIND-SIGHTED STORYLINE, actually – and as for the Violence which S-W-I-M-S soothedBOTHsordidly inside?

It’s all of it been NOTHING, really-

Just this utterly necessary developmental sting in the RIGA-MORTIS tale// an attempt to parade our Greatest Fears, when, really, there are none

Just hopes that shape the surFACE of the sun