Her interest in people dwindled with every single lip twist amidst her very own chitter chatter converse banter

They can cause themselves to fall short aside ridiculously peripheral in vain vision – when their harsh smiles mean utterly nothing and she can’t care to be less than herself anymore

They know who they are and who they once were known to be – dreadfully deadened within and dullard people with nonsensical reason carried and pushed my mundane everyday questioning

How’s the weather, what will you do later, cup of tea?

See, their minds are slower than the most proverbial tortoise and this particularly blaspheming piece has purposely been written altogether ineptly

So as to match their failed gusto – the crying-shamed show and she just doesn’t know which way to look but up, up, up … over and so fucking far to ponder a yonder another such creatively upright individual