There’s this sense of anticipatory-bliss and it’s — Talking in its ownTERMS of refreshment now— but HOW(?!) can they EVER even get to knowing —>

Just-how-far we might have come— a rung
ABOVE(!) a rung above

—-and that’s been the way of her favouriteFixation Til NOW— acting idle-faced, the taste HAS TANTALISED its very own tastebuds. As the HAHAHAHAHA-hecticity (ofAGE) AND OTHER grossly OVER-emotionalPerspectives Seem to have -/ altered their line-of-vision=backUPON these other opporTUNE things inDEED(..)

What she did was the switcharoo of the ageold Century actually, and it’s all been

The most improbablyGame OfCatChases Mouse in the WHOLEwide world. And with her finger pressed to her chest… she is the human expression of

A PaintedParadise