This is one of the important poems I was talking about
Like the poem in my room which reminds me that I need to remain strong
Whenever I feel that pinch
Felt that pinch today
& this is what I have to say as a result
If that panic attack starts to come
Don’t be looking to take it down with the likes of a gun
It’s mental my friend
You hurt the panic attack, you hurt yourself
So you put that idea right back upon the shelf
Ignore all of the noise going on around you
Take a few
Breath deeply… count from one to ten
Do it
Don’t think it too philosophical, like you’re searching for some sort of everlasting Zen
It will help
Maybe not the first time
But following a few too many attempts you should start to feel something a little like sublime
Have a few friends with panic attacks biting at their heels
Be they on a night out or sitting in silence with their family enjoying a well cooked meal
It’s scary as hell
Which is why I’m not trying to make a quick sell
Treat yourself with the most respect in the world
Become your own best friend
Because when you’re out & about, the shit hits the fanny
Upon yourself your safety will depend
So do me a huge favour
Listen to what I have to say
Let the day soak itself away
& remember one thing
Mistakes are meant to happen
We ain’t robots but we do need a rewiring from time to time