Where was she going {anyway} with her friendship-of-mind searching for lucratively suggestive Diamonds? Or WAS SHE EVEN EVER BOTHERED BY: the way in which bewitching people twitched their Pinocchio noses and

Stole the whole-wide LYING SHΘW? We didn’t really have the best of both worlds but what we did indeed have was

— undenied and hard-happy smiles – “and sprinting At Pace… To AN unstoppable M!LE(!!)” She’s == not at all your stereo-physical type of G!RL, not even, if APPEARANCE SAYS SO, a part of this torpedo-of-world. And WHAT-M!GHT SHE KNOW—

About breaking heARTS AND GRABBING HERSELF but by the collarbone… TO stART

… all over {YET} again? But that.. Henry Mistletoe appears to’ve missed his last meal and now he wishes to want to ____))

End the sacrificial day with this stereotypical state of == bloody-damn-well individually K!SSED productivity, please… “and let it feel

Rather-damn-well relatively effedUP, AS BEST AS THEY SHAN’T ever get to imagine.” Because their minds ARE their diamonds EVEN IF AS ROUGH AS A rather perturbed piece of crystal