They told me to write a masterpiece
And I am trying
So very hard
Not the easiest thing in the world to do
Not when it’s just you
Your computer…
Some of mom’s left over stew
You gotta think
Outside the box
Before long you’ll realise the absolute need to
Be a crafty fox
When it comes to the words you use
With all of the old poems
It seems to be the same old same old
Page after page of bad news
Some want that
Most don’t
Some want a poem
That reads deeper than the deepest ocean
Most want one that
Holds a whole lotta humour
Maybe a personal one about smoking
How it is only ever going to be you
You’re joking
I dunno
Just an example
We’ll call it a sample
I’ll keep on keeping on
‘Til I reach that echelon
Of finer than fine poetry
Get to look at Sylvia Plath’s stuff
And appreciate that she did enough
To turn the tide somewhat
But that her stuff
On the whole
Is nothing compared to what I got
People think it a funny pursuit
‘Cos I’m not working a nine-to-five
Dressed in a suit
Everyone has their own thing
Some like to do mathematics
Some like to trudge their way through financial heartache
And sing
No guarantee
Of that I’m sure
But one thing’s for certain
The process of writing poetry is starting to
Makes me feel all the more pure
A masterpiece needs a collaboration of
Love and skill
At least that’s what a good friend told me
Apply the pair
And wait and see
That’s what I’ll do
Maybe even go as far as to
Drink a few
Too many beers to count
Let the ‘artist’s mind’
Get to a place where there’s an unlimited amount
Of potential
Tough to please everyone
For sure
In truth
The publishers
They’ve hardly been knocking
At my front door
Keep on keeping on
‘Cos good things come to those who wait
And if it isn’t today
It might be tomorrow
Ignore the heartache
Part of you might just need to invite upon yourself
The sorrow
But know when to turn a blind eye
Otherwise you’ll end up staring up at all of those
Stars in the sky
At night
Wondering where it all went wrong
While your mother brings you a coffee
Telling you to stop fretting
To sit it out
To wait and see
If you don’t wanna wait forever
Be a workaholic of sorts
You ask yourself
Should I give up…