I know, I know
He’s the actor in HOUSE
To name but one
But who’d have guessed that he sang
Not me
& he’s good too
Almost too good to be on telly
Went to his gig
With a bottle of red wine
That I consider a good friend of mine
Wedged it in my bag
Which still had its tag
Just in case you wanted to know
But Hugh was crazy good
I closed my eyes
Let it flow right on through me
He was no doctor today
Just a handsome man on a mic.
And a voice
Can talk me into any hospital bed he likes
He was in Sense & Sensibility too
A good film
But nowhere near as good as his gig
His voice oh so smooth
Brought with him from the hospital that narcissistic attitude
He made love to his mic.
Finding myself front row
I imagined it to be me
He’s fifty-two years old
Me twenty-three
But I don’t care if he could be my father’s friend
He’d never have a clue
So keep on singing Hugh
‘Cos if you’re lucky I might just throw my knickers
In your direction
You’ll never be Tom Jones
But when it comes to me
Feel free to make me moan