It’s this thing.. that seems to scheme AND SCREAM: immeasurably so.. we do tend to reckoning ourselves In YET AGAIN(!) What they have done is to DO every next nUaNcEd LITTLE big-bAd-thing- so that we can—

Dive-right-in: dovetails turned UP ‘n’ all, watch them far-reach, watch THEM c-r-a-w-l… to
l away to next to nearly-nothing actually; these utterly individual pEopLe of mesmerising merit and DEFIANTLY HEADSTRONG aforementioned individuality in=DEED

– they DO-NOT-WISH TO DUEL, they do not EVEN want to walk with their eyes wide opening anymore. It’s been.. an iconic AND equally comical endeavour, set to be poached uniquely AND forever treaSUREd

— From HERE-ON-IN!! “Stereotypically, we have AlTeReD next-to-NOTHING north of our brain’s brillianced borders, actually…”
Even if they HAD BEEN A-C-T-I-N-G: as though these quick——thinking
Who cannot but –

aforeMENTIONED divulge their b-e-s-t and greatest (test of) SENSE OF SENTENCING.

Is it all really- all of HIM: nestled masterfully within, a roundabout, unmatched portrayal of

UnequALLed SeNteNce? Damn f*cking right by the sleight of the 8thCommandment it is! An interfering dexterity which probably (PROFOUNDLY) buried itself mIscHievouSlY within –
Laugh-out-loud humility?

Hmm… Can We Hear That Again, plEASE.. because his words are about to mInCe tHeIr oWn sEnsE oF INTELligence… AND on utter f*cking purPOSE and played out to within-an-inch of their pUlsAtiNg existences

E-x-a-c-t-l-y how this was meant To happen.. and ever since the starry-eyed beginning ((began again))

Working these words together since the age of ELEVEN(!!)